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Chania and Apokoronas Region


Crete is the largest and most beautiful of the Greek Islands and the Apokoronas regions the most beautiful of all, where you will find a combination of wild landscape, endless mountains, deep blue sea, hills covered with olive trees, (some 30 million) and small historic villages and towns.


An island where the European civilization began some eight thousand years ago and where the Minoan civilization existed some two thousand years BCVilla Kerasi is situated just outside Vamos village which sits snugly at the foot of the breathtaking White Mountains providing a gentle mountain breeze against the heat of the summer sun.


The village offers timeless charm and history at every turn with traditional 19th century kafeneon and ouzerie where the elders sit beneath the plane trees playing taveli, only looking up to wish a toothless ‘yiamas’ The local tavernas offer real traditional dishes where the menu is little changed in hundreds of years.


The tavern owner will relish in telling you about his tastiest fresh vegetables and lemons from his own garden and how he pressed pungent green olive oil from his own grove.