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D'artagnan fencing

April 13, 2014

Apologies for the late blog, still having problems with broadband, so I have had to come into Vamos square to use the free wifi in a 19th century Kefenion, how ironic......just had a full day bashing metal fence posts into granit, very hard work, something I avoided for years but strangely rewarding. Having said that I'm cut to ribbons with the thorns but raki is easing the pain, bit painful as you rub it in. This morning we went out and bought an olive grove through a friend of our builder, not entirely sure its his olve grove to sell, but we shook hands on it so must be OK..... They are all mature trees so should have 50 litres of our own organic olive oil in 2 years, be great to share it at the villa with our tzatziki...

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