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super Greek Easter

April 22, 2014

Easter is the most important of all their festivals and we have enjoyed a wonderful Greek Easter or Kala Paska as we say in Greek.. We went to Church in Galvalohori Sataurday evening when the priest brings out one lit candle and everyone lights their candle from that one and if you get it home still lit, then the candle smoke makes a sign of the cross over your house door and gives 12 month good luck. Sunday was special when our friend brought a whole oven baked lamb to the house for a very special meal and 9 hour eating and drinking session..... Our Greek friend took the sheeps head for lunch the following day.....carried on fencing today in 27 degrees with my mate Richard but after 5 hours we sucumbed to a glass of beer by the pool, well worth 5 hours graft..... 

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